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Readers' Comments

I came across an ... article from The Chronicle of Higher Ed--by Elaine Showalter on mystery novels. She sang your praises, justifiably, as I soon discovered for myself. Needless to say, I stopped sorting clippings and started reading your books.

The characters are excellent--credible, engaging, moving. The hooks--the literary mysteries--are brilliant. As for your depiction of academic life, it's all absurdly, painfully on-target. Ah, the English dept--to paraphrase Whitman, I know, I was there, I suffered. And, of course, wit is the only sane response--I have laughed out loud. Karen Pelletier: c'est moi.
- Kat Richards

I am giddy to hear of the upcoming publication of a new Karen Pelletier mystery. Well, perhaps giddy is a bit exaggerated, but seriously, I am SO happy to hear of this. I have been waiting anxiously and checking Amazon faithfully for several years.
~Elaine Kantor

Eureka! ... I am so excited your series has continued ... I recommend it whenever I find a literate soul who likes mysteries.
~Cathy Lanahan

I've adored your books ever since I found Quieter than Sleep in a second hand shop here in Harrogate, U.K. I've since bought tham all in nice new editions which are ageing rapidly as I re-read them to death. So...WHEN will the new one, Death Without Tenure appear? Your fans are desperate!
~Helen from Harrogate

I'm so glad to have stumbled across your books! I thought only the Brits could write clever literary mysteries! ... You write with a hip, savvy humor that I love.
-Laura Garon

Having served three separate sentences as department chair, I particularly enjoy your persiflage of the English department chair in your novels. My guess is that I enjoy it more than the English chair at Fordham does.
~Richard Gunn

GRAND to know you're back and, presumably, turning out another thriller featuring Karen Pelletier and that band of academic minerals and vegetables you portray so well.

I am a huge fan of your Karen Pelletier series, and it literally made my week to see that you have a new book coming out. I immediately went to my shelves to begin a re-read (for about the 15th time) of all your books. Thank you, thank you!
~Jessi Sievers

I absolutely LOVE these books - Thank you for writing a "smart" woman lead series!

My colleagues and I in the English Department can not wait for your new mystery, Death Without Tenure. We actually don't have tenure so will certainly be able to relate!
~Claudia Slate

I'm looking forward to your next book. I've had so much fun with these. Thanks for sharing your incredible mind with the reading public. Crit Theory as a central point in a murder plot. Who would have guessed that it could work so well. I must say that your books actually made me think.
~Kim Cizek