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The Raven and the Nightingale: A Professor Karen Pelletier Mystery

When feisty young Professor Karen Pelletier receives a serendipitious scholarly bonanza in the form of never-before-seen manuscripts and journals by the nineteenth-century poet Emmeline Foster, who is rumored to have killed herself for the love of Edgar Allan Poe, she finds herself going head-to-head with Enfield College's resident Edgar Allan Poe expert, Elliot Corbin, an academic windbag of monumental proportions.


When Corbin is stabbed to death in mysterious circumstances, Karen has an airtight alibi, but other academic suspects abound. Then it begins to look more and more as if Corbin's death may be inextricably entwined with the muse of his life--poet of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. State police investigator, Lieutenant Piotrowski, calls on Karen's literary expertise, and she is involved once more in the thankless task of investigating her not-so-collegial colleagues.


Will Karen Pelletier ever free herself from the academic mayhem that plagues her as a yet-untenured professor? "Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore'."