Joanne Dobson

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Cold and Pure and Very Dead

English professor Karen Pelletier is well known for her provocative manner and iconoclastic opinions, so it's no surprise that, when asked to name the Greatest Book of the Twentieth Century, she perversely cites a commercial blockbuster from the 1950s. A reprint version of Oblivion Falls, the only novel by Mildred Deakin who disappeared shortly after its publication, quickly becomes the hottest book around, an Oprah's Book Club selection and a New York Times bestseller.

At the height of the media frenzy, a reporter who discovers the reclusive author on a goat farm in upstate New York, is found dead in her driveway. Would the once-notorious Milly Deakin shoot to kill in order to protect her privacy? The intrepid Professor Pelletier deploys all her literary and investigative skills to exonerate the now-embattled older woman and restore her hard-won peace.

A scandal at the core of a steamy 1950s bestseller leaps from the past to the present as Professor Karen Pelletier inadvertently brings the novel's long-reclusive author into the public eye.

Reviews of
Cold and Pure and Very Dead

"The chain of events Karen initiates proves once more that words can kill in fiction and for real. And Dobson's sparkling tale lures readers through enough bait-and-switch red herrings to quarantee a riveting curiosity about who's who." Kirkus

"Crisp writing and hilarious characterizations." Booklist